Ultra fine mineral eye-shadow glides on effortlessley and feels as good as they look. Rich radient colour stays where you put it with no creasing or fading untill you take it off.

Onyx Mineral Eye-Shadow

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  • Eye Shadow


     Mineral eye-shadow is as versatile as you want it to be!



    • no additives
    • no fillers
    • no preservatives,


    • stays where you apply it
    • pure rich colour
    • no creasing or fading
    • glides on effortlessly


    Tips and Tricks! ... How to use it!


    When you first purchase your new product your going to open it and take off the sifter. Then with the lid on turn your product upside down “ as this is a loose mineral” and tap the bottom of the container, this will allow for enough product to sift through onto the lid for you to use... please make a mental note that this product is highly concentrated so a little goes a long way. And always tap your bush to dust off any extra product.


    Apply Cheri Watson mineral shadows wet or dry.. wet for a more dramatic look and also use any of our shades for a liquid liner, just apply your fine liner brush into some water and make a paste. I usually blend the shadow and my wet brush into the lid.

    Experiment... have fun!


    Ingredients: Iron Oxide,Mica, may contain, ultra Marine, zinc, May contain Titanium dioxide


    Weight 1.5 grams of minerals not including container weight.

  • Non-Refundable Policy, If you are a new customer and not sure of your colour shade please order samples before purchasing. Please feel free to call for a complimentary colour match if you are still unsure. ( Vancouver to Fraser Valley area only)