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Accents Cosmetics sheer silky powder mineral foundation is free from all toxin chemicals and parabens. It provides full coverage, sun protection and is ideal for those with sensitive skin.


Accents Cosmetics Mineral foundation is lightweight, long-lasting and non-comedogenic.  It also helps to heal and calm skin irritation, such as acne and rosacea.

Barely There Mineral Foundation

  • To apply foundation, turn your sifter to the open position with lid on top. Turn product container upside down, tap the bottom so some product will enter the lid.

    Turn the product container back with lid facing up and tap the top of the lid so the product will fall into the bottom sifter. When you take the lid off, you should have enough product to swirl your brush in.

    Once you have product in your brush, tap the handle on the counter top to allow the product to fall into the bristles of the Kabuki brush. Once you have achieved this you can than swirl the product in a circular motion all over your face until you have an even beautiful canvas to complete the rest of your make-up application.

    This product acts as a concealer as well and is a great base for eyeshadow. Also, if you have red eyelids this will take all the red away.

    Please note that if you are using any other brush than a kabuki brush you may not get the same effect and your product may fly everywhere. Also the coverage won’t be the same. Accents Cosmetics is a building foundation so you can apply it light or a second layer for evening.

  • Accents Cosmetics will take returns up to 10 days after purchase. Please order samples if you have not tried our products. This will help ensure you have chosen the right colour in our make-up category. When purchasing our skincare line, please be sure to order the starter kit as it gives you enough for a week or two.

    We do not pay the shipping for return products.

    All product must be returned in original packaging.

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